What is CQA Test App and How Does it Work on Android Smartphones?

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What was the first thought that came to your mind after seeing the “CQA Test App” on your device’s home screen?

Let us guess, “Did you think that your mobile phone got hacked?” If you thought that, then we are sure that you want some instant answers.

First of all, “No need to panic!” There isn’t anything wrong with this testing app.

In fact, we are here to guide you about what is CQA test? How does it work, and how can you get rid of it if it causes any problem.

Have a look:

What is CQA Test App Explained Thoroughly?

CQA Test App Explained
Source: Android Central Forums

CQA stands for Certified Quality Auditor”. In simple words, it’s a mechanism by which the manufacturers find out about different statistics of a mobile phone.

Similar to this concept, the CQA Test App is specifically designed to maintain the performance of an android smartphone.

Cutting right to the chase, “The CQA Test App is an inbuilt software designed to make sure that a device is working properly.”

It runs a series of tests on different components of the device and then gives a verdict based on different metrics.

How Does CQA Test App Work?

The app has a simple working interface. You can open it and see different tests shown on its main screen.

From there, you can perform any type of test you want to know the actual performance of your android smartphone.

We have to admit one thing here that the app is quite efficient. Apart from maintaining the performance, it can also show you your registered IMEI number, the signal strength of your mobile, data you’ve sent in bytes, etc.

On top of that, it can also show glitches, viruses, malware, different weaknesses, and the strength of your phone.

All in all, it’s an app that is designed to make sure that you are aware of how well your mobile phone is performing.

Where to Locate the CQA Test App on Your Smartphone?

CQA Test App icon is not visible on a smartphone in normal cases. That’s because the software is not supposed to appear on the home screen as it is designed to work secretly.

However, in some cases, the icon might appear on your device’s main screen.

If you still want to locate it, then simply go to the “Settings” of your device and find the ‘’Apps” section. Search CQA Test there and you will find this program.

Another way to locate it is to go to app manager and tap on “Show System Apps”.

Still unable to find it on your phone? Don’t worry!

You can try the following codes on your dialer to locate the app on your device:



This method can work on many mobile devices and you can use it to locate the software within few seconds.

What is the Main Function of the CQA Test App?

Primarily, the function of the CQA app is to let the developer know about the current condition of your cell phone.

It has the access to system information of your device, which means it can process and transfer the data from your mobile to the manufacturer.

However, you do not need to panic about your privacy as the app cannot access anything personally.

It could track the number of times you download and install different apps though, which is completely normal.

Apart from that, this software also gives insights about bugs, system errors, and illegal software installation to the developer.

In short, through this app, the manufacturer gets a complete record of your device’s system to see whether it is complying with security patches and legal information.

How Do You Use CQAtest?

Using the app does not require any extra knowledge or information.

Just open it from the home screen or dial one of the codes we have mentioned above to open it directly.

The main menu will consist of the following entities:

  • Sequence Mode,
  • CQA Menu Mode,
  • Model Assembly Mode and
  • MMI Test mode.

Out of all these modes, you will find CQA Menu, the most useful one. Initializing the test will help you find out the current hardware or software issues with your mobile.

This test generates a complete report once it’s completed.

CQA Test Errors and How to Deal With Them?

CQA test software usually runs in the background and has no major impact on the device overall.

However, we have heard many complaints from android users about some malfunction in their devices due to this app.

Some of the errors include;

  • The lock screen does not show up as it should.
  • The lock screen button does not work properly.
  • The camera does not open often.
  • Notifications get muted on their own.
  • Custom device settings and preferences could get changed.
  • Factory reset doesn’t work the way it should.
  • Bugs in screen touch.

If you have faced such problems, then it’s time to fix these errors with some minor tweaks.

Have a look at how you can limit the CQA test app perfectly:

How to Remove CQA Test from Android Smartphones?

First off, know that you cannot LITERALLY remove the app from your phone.


Because it’s an inbuilt app and no matter how much you try, you simply cannot uninstall it.

Here are some methods to limit its use and resolve the issues you might face due to the CQA app:

Method 1: Clear Cache and Data of the App:

Clear Cache and Data of the AppLocate CQA Test app by going to Settings> Apps> All Apps> CQA Test.

Here you will see an option to clear the cache and data of the app.

Tap on it and let the system do its job properly.

Restart your device after this step and see whether your phone is working properly or not.

Method 2: Force Stop or Disable the App Completely:

Force Stop or Disable the App Completely

If the above solution does not work, then follow these steps to disable or force stop the app completely.

Open the properties of app as mentioned above.

On top, you will see the option “Force Stop” or “Disable” depending upon the model you own.

Tap on it and it will show you a warning. Neglect it and tap on “Continue”.

Doing this will stop the app until you open it again.

Try this method as it has worked for many users as per our research.

Method 3: Reinsert the Sim Back into Your Phone:

Use a sim removing pin to remove it from your phone carefully.

Let your phone stay without a sim for a while, like two to three minutes.

Reinsert the sim carefully and reboot your phone.

See whether the CQA test error still remains or not.

Method 4: Reset Your Phone Completely:

Reset Your Phone

Before you start with this process, we recommend a proper backup of all the data you have in your phone as you won’t be able to retrieve it once the reset began.

You can go with two steps here, i.e. simple factory reset and hard set.

Both of these processes work as follows:

Factory Reset:

Factory reset removes all custom settings from the phone and makes it look like you’ve just bought it.

Go to Settings and find the Backup & Reset option. In here, tap on Factory Data Reset and let the system do its job.

Check your phone after it gets rebooted on its own.

It will surely solve any bugs or glitches in your phone.

Hard Reset:

If the factory reset option doesn’t work out for you, then you have to go for the hard reset option.

Here are the steps to follow in this regard:

Turn off your mobile phone by pressing the power button for 5 seconds and then choosing the Switch off option.

Next, you have to press the power and volume down button at once until the phone boots again.

The boot-loader menu will appear. Choose Volume Up and Down button to select a specific option.

Get into Recovery mode and choose Factory Reset or Wipe Data option using the Power button.

It will completely wipe out all data from your mobile and remove any error that could be caused due to CQA test malfunctioning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a CQA test on a phone?

CQA test meaning “Certified Quality Auditor” test is performed to check how a cell phone performs through different channels. It’s usually done to know whether the device is working optimally or not.

2. What is the CQAtest app?

The software used to perform certified quality auditing test is known as CQAtest app. You can use it to diagnose different errors and glitches in your phone. Open it and run the test to know real information about your smartphone accordingly.

3. Is CQAtest app a virus?

CQA test app is an inbuilt program from the manufacturer. It’s not malware or a virus. On the contrary, it works in the background to make sure that the device is properly maintained.

4. How to remove CQA test?

Know that you cannot uninstall this application completely as it’s prebuilt software from the developer. However, you can clear and remove the cache of the app in case it malfunctions. Another solution includes disabling the app from its properties. The last fix involves a complete factory reset of the phone.

5. What does force stop mean on an app?

Force stop means the app won’t work automatically. You have to open it again to start working like before. Whenever you force to stop or disable a system work, it will cause some errors. However, in the case of the CQA test app, the system might work properly.

Final Takeaways:

‘What is a CQA test?’ is a question that requires proper explanation and we have done JUST that.

You can use it to know whether your phone is working the way it should or not.

If it malfunctions, simply follow the methods we have mentioned, to limit its working.

Let us know if this article was helpful or not in the comment box mentioned below.

Good Luck!!

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