10 Easy Fixes to Resolve “Video TDR Failure” for Windows 10 in 2022

The last thing you would want to see on your PC is a Blue Screen of Death Error, i.e., BSOD.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but there could be many reasons this error might happen on your personal computer.

The one we are going to target today is “Video TDR Failure” and how you could resolve it.

If suddenly a Blue Screen appears on your PC with the following error, ‘video_TDR_failure’, then it means that you have to diagnose and remove it.

We at Lit Fellow are here to guide you about how to remove this error from your PC with simple fixes.

But, before moving forward, we want you to have some knowledge about this kind of error and what causes it.

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So, let us start the main discussion, without any further ado:

What is Video TDR Failure and Why Does It Happen?

While you try to open a video file, a game, or any heavy video editing software, sometimes your graphics card will not work as supposed.

As a result, your computer gives a Blue Screen Error and stops the GPU from functioning until it can fix the GPU drivers.

This is what we call Video TDR Failure. TDR means Timeout, Detection, and Recovery. So, while this error happens, your PC tries its best to recover GPU from any issues.

Coming to the next point, i.e., why does it happen?

Well, there are certain reasons you could face this problem on your PC. For instance,

  • Any hardware problem with your graphics card.
  • Installation issue with your GPU,
  • Outdated graphics card drivers,
  • Too much load on your graphics card,
  • Overheating problems, and
  • Usage of overclocked components.

One another thing to notice here is that the TDR video failure error has different names depending upon the graphics card model you use.

Nvidia users could face it in the form of nvlddmkm.sys.

Meanwhile, AMD users could see something like atkimpag.sys

If you use a PC with integrated Intel graphics, then you will see igdkmd64.sys error on the Blue Screen.

Anyways, now that you have a clear idea about this error, let us start discussing some of the fixes to resolve it for Windows 10 users.

How to Fix Video TDR Failure for Windows 10 with Easy Solutions?

If you counter video TDR failure on Windows 10 and want to get rid of it, then here are 10 fixes for you to try out:

Fix 1: Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

The very first thing you can do to make sure that you do not face the error is to keep your graphics card drivers update to their latest version.

You can use different third-party programs such as Driver Easy or Driver Booster to check for the latest updates of GPU drivers.

There is one more thing you could do, “To update drivers on your own.”

For that to happen, you need to follow these steps:

Open Device Manager on your PC. Right-click on “This PC” on the main screen, go to its “Properties” and open Device Manager from top left corner.

You can also open Device manager directly. For that, open Start Menu, type devmgmt.msc. and press Enter.

In the Device Manager window, find “Display Adapter” and expand it to click on “Video Driver”.

In here, you will find the “Update” option, so simply click on it and choose the way you want the drivers to get updated.

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Once done, reboot your PC and see whether it has solved the BSOD error or not.

Fix 2: Rolling Back the Latest Drivers

You may face windows stop code video TDR failure due to incompatibility with the latest video card drivers.

If that is the case, you need to roll back to the old drivers you were using.

Follow these steps:

Go to Device Manager by entering devmgmt.msc in Start Menu.

Expand Display Adapters, and go to Video Drivers Properties accordingly.

In here, you will see the “Roll Back Driver” option. Click on it and wait for the system to roll back all driver changes.

If you cannot click on that option, then you have to uninstall the drivers manually. After that, install the old drivers’ version from the official GPU website you currently use.

Reboot your PC for changes to take place effectively.

Fix 3: Reinstalling the Graphics Card Driver

If updating or rolling back the graphics card driver does not work out for you, it means you have to reinstall the drivers from scratch.

In this aspect, you have to first uninstall the drivers on Windows 10 and then reinstall them.

Have a look:

Go to Device Manager as mentioned above and click on the Display Adapters option.

From there, go to Video Card Driver Properties and uninstall them accordingly.

After the uninstallation finishes, use the help of third-party tools to reinstall the latest video card drivers.

You can also visit the official websites of your graphics card manufacturer to download the latest driver updates.

For instance:

Nvidia users: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

AMD users: https://www.amd.com/en/support

Intel Users: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/products/80939/graphics.html

After you visit the official website, simply download the latest drivers update for your graphics card and install them manually.

This will probably solve the TDR failure problem on Windows 10.

Fix 4: Solving the Video TDR Failure for AMD Users

Those who use an AMD graphics card usually face the blue screen of death error due to many reasons.

In case you’ve recently got the video TDR failure on your AMD GPU, you can resolve it by following these methods:

Open This PC and in the search bar, type C:\windows\drivers\ and find the “atikmpag.sys” accordingly.

Rename it from atikmpag.sys to atikmpag.sys.old. Deleting it is yet another option, but we will suggest that you rename it only.

After getting done with this step, reinstall the video card drivers of your GPU and update them to the latest version. You could visit AMD’s official website to download the preferred drivers for your graphics card.

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Then, search C:\ATI and find either atikmdag.sy_ or atikmpag.sy_. Copy either one of them and paste it on your desktop.

Go to Start Menu and type cmd here. Do not open it directly. Right-click on it and Run it as an Administrator instead.

After it opens, copy and paste the following commands there:

[su_note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffffff”]expand.exe atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys[/su_note]


[su_note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffffff”]chdir desktop[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffffff”]expand -r atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys[/su_note]

After running these commands, copy the new atikmdag.sys file and paste it in C:\windows\drivers\.

Restart your PC and hopefully, you will not face the TDR video failure issue while opening different games and video files.

Fix 5: Solving TDR Failure Error for Nvidia Graphics Card Users

The process to resolve the blue screen error for Nvidia users is rather simple and easy.

What you need to do is to uninstall the drivers manually from Device Manager.

After that, you have to visit the official website of the manufacturer to find and download the latest driver updates for your graphics card.

Restart your PC after reinstalling driver updates and it will resolve the Nvidia video TDR failure problem.

Fix 6: Resolve Video TDR Problem for Intel Users

If you see a blue screen of death with the following error: Igdkmg64.Sys, then it means you are not using an updated version of drivers for your integrated graphics card.

Simply check out the official Intel website and download the latest drivers of the graphics card you are currently using.

After installing drivers, reboot your PC and use it without any BSOD error.

Fix 7: Running CHKDSK Command to Solve the Error

Running the CHKDSK command will repair any disk issues your PC is currently facing.

As a result, you will be able to use your PC without any problem.

To run the CHKDSK command, simply press Windows + X key on your keyboard and run Command Prompt via Administrator access.

Type the following command:

[su_note note_color=”#000000″ text_color=”#ffffff”]chkdsk/ f /r C:[/su_note]

Press the Y key after that and then press Enter. Restart your PC for the changes to take place effectively.

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If a video TDR failure was happening due to hard disk issues, then you will not face it after applying this fix.

Fix 8: Analyzing Minidump File on Windows 10

To make sure that the minidump file is working as expected, follow these steps:

Open Start Menu and in the search box, type sysdm.cpl. Press Enter and a new window will open.

Next, hover to Startup and Recovery and click on Advanced then on Settings.

Drop down a little until you see the Write Debugging Information option. Click on it accordingly.

In here, choose Small Memory Dump (256 kb) and then click on OK.

Normally, the location of the dump file will go as %SystemRoot%\Minidump. You can also find it via C:\Windows\Minidump.

Analyzing the minidump file could help you diagnose the type of BSOD error your PC is facing right now.

After you analyze it, simply try the fixes we have mentioned above to resolve the problem accordingly.

Fix 9: Changing PCI Express Power Management for PC and Laptop

If the TDR failure still exists on Windows 10, especially for a laptop, you have to make some tweaks to PCI Express Power Management.

Follow the steps below:

Go to Start Menu and type powercfg.cpl. Press Enter and you will see a new window.

In there, find the High-Performance option and click on it. Next, click on Change Plan Settings.

After that, you have to select the Change Advanced Power Settings and locate the PCI Express option. Expand it and click on Link State Power Management.

Change both On Battery and Plugged In options and turn them off.

Apply the settings, save them and restart your laptop or PC for the changes to take place.

Fix 10: Check If Your Graphics Card is Installed the Right Way

Last but not the least, make a background check on whether your graphics card is installed the right way on the motherboard or not.

For that, open the PC case and see whether all card peripherals are tucked in the right way or not.

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If you find any mismanagement, then solve it by watching a YouTube tutorial to avoid any BSOD error in the near future.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u9GQ19cX00″ width=”560″ height=”320″ mute=”yes” title=”Windows 7/8/10: How To Fix VIDEO TDR FAILURE nvlddmkm sys Blue Screen”]

 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What causes video TDR failure?

Video TDR Failure is mainly caused when you are trying to run too many apps and overburdening your graphics card. Using old video card drivers could also cause this issue. Lastly, running new games that your GPU could not support can also be a major reason for this error.

2. How do I fix TDR in Windows 10?

You can update your video card drivers to their latest version to see if the problem is fixed or not. If it still persists, then uninstall the old drivers completely and replace them with the latest version to avoid any BSOD problem.

3. How can I delete TDR video failure?

You can fix the problem and avoid it in the future by updating the graphics card drivers on time. Similarly, keep a check on the wire management of your GPU and fix any problem if it exists there. Rolling back to old drivers could also fix this error.

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Some Last Words:

Video TDR failure means the GPU’s incapability to run high-end graphics and that is the main reason you get a Blue Screen of Death error on your PC.

Follow all the guidelines and fixes we have mentioned above to resolve the problem.

Keep enjoying playing games on high-end settings without facing this error ever again.

Good Luck!!

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