7 Easy Fixes to SmartCast TV Not Available Problem in 2022

So, you are about to binge-watch your favorite Netflix son a cozy weekend on your VIZIO TV, and suddenly it shows the following error, “SmartCast TV not available.”

What would you do in this case?

You’ll go all angry and check out whether the TV or Chromecast device is working okay or not.

But, we want you to remain relaxed in this case and follow our guide.

With these easy fixes from our experts, you can easily overcome the SmartCast TV not working issue and continue enjoying your favorite TV shows on the big screen.

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How to Fix the SmartCast TV Not Available Problem in 7 Easy Steps?

Follow all the procedures we are about to give, and it will resolve the problem you are facing with your VIZIO TV for sure.

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

Check Your Internet Connection on Vizio TV

That’s extremely important as the SmartCast TV option won’t work if you have frequent connectivity problems.

First things first, check your internet router and see whether it’s working fine or not.

You can also connect your mobile phone to the same internet connection for your own peace of mind.

If everything’s good enough, then you need to check out your VIZIO TV.

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For that;

Go to Network Menu and run a “Test Connection.”

If the test shows that the network isn’t available or the internet speed is zero, move forward and click on Troubleshoot to resolve the issue.

[su_box title=”Takeaways:” box_color=”#06b406″]SmartCast TV option requires a stable Internet connection. Hence, you need to make sure that you are using a stable Internet. Fixing the internet connectivity problem will solve the VIZIO SmartCast issue.[/su_box]

However, if it persists, then go for the second fix as follows:

2. Refreshing the SmartCast Home:

Refreshing the SmartCast Home can also help to solve the problem you are facing.

Go with the following steps:

First off, switch your TV to SmartCast input and open the Main Menu accordingly.

Secondly, go to System Menu and change the system language from English to French or Spanish.

[su_box title=”Warning” box_color=”#ff0000″]Don’t close the main menu yet.[/su_box]

Changing the language will refresh SmartCast TV, and it will load normally. After it loads, change the language again to English and enjoy your favorite Netflix or Amazon Prime TV series.

[su_box title=”Side Notes:” box_color=”#06b406″]Well, if the problem persists even after you change language, then it means that your local Internet connection is way too slow. Make it stable and repeat the process respectively.[/su_box]

3. Try Out Another Internet Connection:

Try Another Internet Connection

This could also help in case your primary internet connection is running slow or not running at all.

You could try connecting your VIZIO SmartCast TV to a secondary internet connection and see whether it has solved your problem or not.

We recommend using a mobile hotspot as it’s feasible and more convenient than any other resource.

4. Power Cycle SmartCast TV and All Other Devices

Power Cycle SmartCast TV

If you think that there’s no problem with the Internet and it’s running smooth, then it’s time to make some tweaks to the TV’s operating system.

The Power Cycle method works like a charm if your VIZIO TV has got a minor software issue.

However, we have to take the initiative from the start.

For that purpose;

You need to turn off your internet router for a minute. Please turn it on again and wait until it gets connected to the TV.

The second step involves power cycling the VIZIO TV.

In this aspect,  Pick up your TV’s remote and press the Menu Button. From there, go to the System Menu option.

Open the Reset and Admin tab and choose the Soft Power Cycle option.

Let the TV turn on again and see whether the problem stays or not.

5. Updating the Operating System:

The problem of SmartCast outage might also happen due to an outdated operating system.

In this case, you should update the TV’s operating system and apply new changes for it to work.

Go to TV Settings, choose System, and then select System Update right away.

Check if there are any updates available. Update your TV accordingly.

Unplug and then plug it again for the TV to apply all update changes.

Cast your mobile phone and see whether SmartCast is working fine or not.

6. Changing the DHCP Settings:

Quite complex, but you can do it easily!

Turn off your TV.

Start your computer and go to the default browser, i.e., Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, etc.

On the New Tab page, type the URL of your Internet Router, log in with your username and password, and let it load.

Go to Settings and click Advanced. Here, you’ll see “DHCP Settings,” so click on it.

Enable it if it’s already disabled. In case it was enabled before, then disable it first, and re-enable it accordingly.

Save your settings and restart the router.

Connect it with your TV and wait for it to load.

7. Factory Reset Your VIZIO SmartCast TV:

Factory Reset Your VIZIO SmartCast TV

Well, if no other fix works with solving the problem, then you’ll have no other choice than to reset your SmartCast TV to factory settings.

Mind you that it will erase all your custom settings. Henceforth, we recommend taking a screenshot of all settings and menu tabs to avoid any problems.

Here’s how you can reset the TV:

  • Go to Menu and from there go to System.
  • Open Reset and Admin option on your TV
  • Choose Reset TV to Factory Settings and wait for it to perform the restoration process.
  • Don’t unplug your TV while it’s in the middle of the restoration.
  • Once it gets done, please turn it off for a while and restart it again.

Doing the factory restoration will probably solve the VIZIO SmartCast down the problem for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does my VIZIO TV say SmartCast TV is not available?

Well, it might happen due to many reasons. Some include slow or unstable Internet connection, using an outdated update, and disabled DHCP settings. You can try the easiest solution of changing your Internet connection to solve the problem accordingly.

2. How do I reset my VIZIO Smart TV to SmartCast?

You can always go for the Factory Reset option, but it will remove all your data and settings, so use this option with care and precaution.

The official VIZIO Support says that “You can reset your SmartCast TV by pressing the input and volume down button on your remote. A banner will pop up after 10 to 15 seconds saying Press Input Button to Reset. Press it again, and your TV will turn back to its default settings.”

3. Is SmartCast TV down?

Not now. The problem of the SmartCast TV outage was reported back in January 2019, and the official VIZIO support confirmed the news on Twitter. However, that’s not the case these days, and it’s working fine.

4. How do I get SmartCast on my VIZIO TV?

First thing first, install the “VIZIO SmartCast TV App” from Playstore on your Android smartphone and install it. For using this app on your VIZIO TV, make sure that your mobile phone and VIZIO TV are connected to the same Internet connection.

Then, open the Google Home App on your phone and tap on the device you want to cast a screen on. It will mirror SmartCast from your smartphone to the TV.

Final Takeaways:

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZBp8fnqxTk” width=”560″ height=”35″ mute=”yes” title=”[VIZIO Support] SmartCast Not Working”]

You could face “SmartCast TV not available” often, and that’s the main reason you should know some of the fixes to resolve this problem.

All the 7 solutions we have given have been tried repeatedly to ensure that they could solve the problem with ease.

If the SmartCast TV doesn’t work even with all these solutions, then you should call VIZIO customer support and take assistance from them accordingly.

Tell us what kind of problems you faced with your VIZIO TV and how you resolved them in the comment box mentioned below.

Good Luck!!

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