A Step-By-Step Guide to Recording Zoom Meeting On Laptop

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We’ve all been in a position where we need to record a Zoom meeting on the laptop. Whether it’s a video call with your team or collaborating with your clients and partners, there are many scenarios where you would want to save the recorded Zoom meeting on your laptop for later use, sharing, or for future reference.

Recording Zoom meeting is not the most straightforward thing to do, but here I have compiled a step-by-step guide for you to record Zoom meetings on your laptop.

How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission on Laptop Windows 10

Follow the below steps to record zoom meetings on the laptop without the host’s permission:

  • Install any screen recorder on your laptop and join the meeting
  • Click on Fullscreen and sound button to record screen with sound then press the REC button
  • The recording will be started and after recording save it on your Lenovo laptop

How to Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop/PC

Record Meeting as a Host

If you are hosting the zoom meeting and want to record the zoom meeting you should follow some steps below:

  1. Open your zoom app on your laptop windows 10
  2. Install the zoom extension on your browser
  3. If you are not signed in, create an account and sign in
  4. Open the app and click on Start new meeting
  5. After starting the new meeting you will see some options below
  6. You will see the RECORD button there, just click it and now your zoom meeting recording is started

Get Permission from the Host

If you are participating in the zoom meeting and want to record zoom meetings on your Dell laptop/Chromebook you can ask permission from your host. Once he/she allows you to record zoom meetings you will see the record meeting option/button at the bottom.

But always remember that your host is seeing which of his student is recording the meeting.

Record Meeting Without Host Permission

Many of us think we can’t record zoom meetings if the host doesn’t allow us. But it’s possible to record zoom meetings with host permission if you have any good screen recorder software for windows on an HP laptop or computer.

Tools to Screen Record Zoom Meeting on Laptop


Camtasia is a free and popular screen recorder for windows. You can download it and record your zoom meetings without host permission.


Bandicam is also a popular windows screen capture software. It can record the full screen of your zoom meeting easily.

Related Questions

How do I record a Zoom meeting on my laptop without host permission?

If you want to record a zoom meeting without host permission, you should use any screen recorder software to capture the meeting.

Can you record a Zoom meeting if you are not the host?

No, you can’t record a zoom meeting if you are not hosting the meeting. But you can use some screen recorder software to record the meeting.

Final Words

I hope now you know how you can record the zoom meeting on your laptop with or without host permission. You can record the meeting as a host too or if you are a participant you can ask permission from the host to let you record the zoom meeting.

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