Matein Laptop Backpack Review: A Great Travel Laptop Backpack For You

The matein backpack is a new bag for carrying your laptop. Whether it’s for school or traveling, your bag can carry more than just your computer. The matein comes with features to fit the needs of many travelers and students.

My matein travel laptop backpack review will show how you can find a great-looking bag that fits your laptop comfortably, has plenty of space for other accessories and supplies, and even has convenient storage slots for your phone, wallet, or keys.

Features of matein travel laptop backpack


The Matein travel laptop backpack (Amazon)is made of very light and durable polyester. It can hold up to 17-inch laptops, but it is also suitable for 15.6-inch or 14-inch laptops. This makes it ideal for business owners, students, and commuters alike.

The backpack has lots of storage space, which includes a separate compartment to store your laptop as well as two other main compartments.

The front compartment is roomy enough to fit your iPad as well as several other items, such as books, keys, and chargers. In contrast, the second compartment is ideal for larger items such as clothes and shoes.

Both the main compartments have smaller pockets inside that help you organize your belongings effectively. There are also two side pockets that you can use to store bottles or umbrellas.


matein travel laptop backpack is comfortable to wear and carry, lightweight but sturdy. The straps are padded and can be extended. The shoulder straps have a chest strap and a hip strap to reduce the strain on your shoulders.

The back is also padded and the shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can find the right position for your body. You can use this bag as a travel bag or as a school bag, or even a daypack, as it is quite roomy and sturdy enough to carry all your stuff.

There is also an extra pocket at the bottom of the bag, which is great for carrying smaller items such as keys or mobile phones. The zippers are sturdy and seem like they will last for years to come.


The matein laptop backpack is perfect for carrying your laptop and other belongings while you are traveling. The front compartment is spacious and can accommodate an iPad, which makes it great for use as a workspace.

The side pockets are also perfect for holding bottles or umbrellas, and the back is padded to reduce the strain on your back. The shoulder straps are adjustable, making it possible to find the perfect fit for your body.


The matein backpack is designed with an external USB port to power your devices on the go. Connect your own portable charger and you can plug in your phone or tablet to charge while still carrying around your laptop backpack.

The laptop backpack is equipped with a USB charging port outside and a standard charging cable so that you could charge your phone and other electronic devices conveniently without opening up the backpack. It is a great tech gift for him from his wife, daughter, and son. Please noted that this backpack doesn’t include a power bank.


It’s made of waterproof and high-quality polyester fabric, easy to clean. Smooth zippers function well even under heavy pressure, and the shoulder strap buckle is made of aluminum alloy material. It’s very sturdy and solid.


All in all, the matein backpack is a great choice for an everyday backpack for your laptop. It seems to be well constructed, has some great conveniences, such as the hidden pockets and organizer, is practical with the fabric design, and maintains its durability factor with the abrasion-resistant bottom. I will be bringing this backpack out of the house each day knowing that my laptop is protected in style.

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