How Much Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming in 2022?

Does RAM Affect FPS

Unlike consoles, PC gaming requires frequent upgrades to improve the in-game performance, for it is a fact that computer gaming is highly customizable. It allows you to have whatever specs you want to see in your game. In a similar context, one of the common settings to have impressive gaming is upgrading RAM. With that … Read more

Why is My Adblock Not Working on Twitch? 15 Easy Fixes (November 2022)

Adblock Not Working on Twitch

[su_box title=”Easiest Solution:” box_color=”#ff0000″ radius=”10″]“Update Your Adblock extension to its latest version and it will remove all ads on Twitch for hassle-free streaming”.[/su_box] What’s up fellow gamers? We see you’ve already got a problem with Adblock not working on Twitch. We also know “how disturbing and irritating it gets to see live streams with unnecessary … Read more