Laptop Turns Off When Moved? (The Easy Fix)

If your laptop turns off when moved, the simple solution is here. No matter if it’s a desktop or a laptop, some laptops can shut off due to many reasons such as an unplugged/not connected AC adapter/battery, bad DC jack, static electricity, water spill damage, and more. Reasons Why Does Your Laptop Turn OFF When … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gaming PC

A professional gamer is never satisfied with the performance or features of a Pre-built PC. Once he has become a Pro, he will always be in search of more. This search takes him to consider other options than just purchasing a pre-built computer and then making alterations and modifications. Also, gaming PCs are expensive, so … Read more

How Much Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming in 2022?

Does RAM Affect FPS

Unlike consoles, PC gaming requires frequent upgrades to improve the in-game performance, for it is a fact that computer gaming is highly customizable. It allows you to have whatever specs you want to see in your game. In a similar context, one of the common settings to have impressive gaming is upgrading RAM. With that … Read more