Here’s Why Your HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously Black Screen

The issue of Hp Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously no screen usually occurs when you’ve spilled a liquid into your laptop’s keyboard. When you turn on your computer and observe that the screen is blank, the cursor is blinking on and off, or the screen is black, you can figure out that there is major damage to your computer’s motherboard.

Spread over the internet, there is a number of queries and concerns regarding laptop technical issues. One of the most common issues is the HP laptop caps lock blinking continuously with no display. Most people face this issue after a system update of the laptop.

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What Does It Mean HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously and no Display?

Blinking caps lock means there is some problem with your air vents or your HP laptop battery is not. It could be also the reason if your charger is faulty and made damage to your laptop or it could be due to low voltage from your power outlet through your charger.

Reasons Why HP Laptop Caps Lock Light Keep Blinking Continuously

There could be a few reasons why your HP laptop caps lock and num lock are blinking continuously with a black screen.

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1. Faulty Charger

A faulty laptop charger can cause big damage to your laptop. If you are using any old/faulty charger, it would definitely send the wrong voltage to your HP laptop which will damage it gradually.

If you have any other charger that didn’t come with your charger, it’s also can be dangerous for your laptop because it’s not designed for your HP laptop so you must buy a new HP charger (Amazon) and replace it immediately.

2. Overheating

Overheating can be also the reason why your HP laptop is not turning on the caps lock flashing 2 or 3 times.

This issue can be caused if your vent fan is not working properly or by dust-clogging vents. To see if your HP laptop’s fan is working, put your ear close to the fan and try to hear the fan noise.

If you hear no fan noise or any inconsistent fan noise it means your fan is not working and you need to troubleshoot it. You can also buy an external cooling fan for this purpose.

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3. Inconsistent Power Supply

The other reason which could cause HP Pavilion G4, HP Pavilion DV7, or HP Pavilion DV6 laptop’s keyboard light blinking is the inconsistent power supply from your outlet.

Maybe that power outlet could be faulty too, so you need to put your charger on another power outlet to see if it’s your laptop’s issue or if the power outlet is sending the wrong voltage through your charger to the HP laptop.

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How To Fix HP Laptop Caps Lock Blinking Continuously Black Screen

1. Power off Your HP Laptop

The first step to fixing your laptop is to shut down the laptop as it’s the software that is causing the caps lock to flash, not any hardware issue.

If you shut down the laptop then you can easily remove the hardware/components in your computer. But if you remove anything without turning it off then it will definitely cause any other damage to your system.

2. Remove Your Laptop Battery

The 2nd step is to remove your HP laptop battery so you can see what the main problem of the HP laptop caps lock blinking continuously.

You can’t fix your laptop if your laptop’s battery (Amazon) is still connected to the computer so you must remove it first.

3. Remove Laptops’ RAM

The 3rd step is to remove your HP laptop RAM from its slots. You can do it by following:

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  • Open the laptop by unscrewing it from the back
  • Remove all the RAMs connected to your HP laptop
  • Clean your RAMs with a tissue or cloth

4. Remove the Wi-Fi Card Cables

In this step, disconnect the Wi-Fi card cables connected to the wireless adapter of your laptop’s motherboard and keep them separated.

5. Reinsert RAM and Wi-Fi Card Cables

Now you have to reinsert all the RAMs in your computer and also connect the Wi-Fi card cables to the right place.

Before inserting RAMs and cables, you have to blow on the slots and clean all the dust collected there. and connect everything correctly.

6. Hold Your Laptop Power Button

In this 6th step, you have to hard reset your HP laptop, so press and hold your HP laptop power button for 40 seconds, and after that release your hand on the button.

7. Turn on the HP Laptop

The last step to follow is to turn on your HP laptop if you have followed all the above steps correctly. Your HP laptop caps lock would stop blinking continuously if you have followed the above instructions correctly.

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Alternative Solutions For HP Laptop Caps Blinking

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If you have done all the above steps and still your laptop is blinking then you should follow these steps below.

#1 Reset Bios

  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi card cables
  • Disconnect tiny circular bios battery
  • Press and hold the laptop power button for 30 seconds
  • Connect everything you removed before
  • Turn on your laptop now

#2 Chech Air Vents

Now you have to check the air vents of your laptop if they are working perfectly or not. For this, bring your ear close to the vents and try to hear if there is any voice coming from the fan.

Or you can bring your hand close to the fan and see if you feel the heat on your hand to confirm if the fan is working or not. If you don’t feel anything it means your fn is not good and causing your laptop to overheat.

#3 Replace HP Laptop Charger

Blinking or flashing can be caused due to a bad laptop charger. This could be an issue if your charger is sending improper voltage to your laptop. Maybe your power socket is bad and caused your charger to behave badly.

You should try some other charger if it’s working or not or you can buy a new HP laptop charger (Amazon).


Why does my Caps Lock light keep flashing?
Your HP Laptop Caps lock light keeps flashing because your computer could be overheated or the air vent is clogged with dust inside your laptop.

How Do I Fix My HP CAPS LOCK Blinking?

To fix his issue you have to hard reset your laptop, First of all, you have to remove your laptop battery, RAM, and Wi-Fi cables. You should also clean laptop air vents because sometimes dust is collected there and you have to blow it.

Final Words

If your HP laptop caps lock blinking continuously no screen then you have to first remove the battery and then remove the RAM. Now hold the power button for 40 seconds to one minute. Now put RAM and battery back in, turn on the laptop and start it. If the problem is not solved then you have to change the motherboard.

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