How to Become a Popular Streamer in 2022?

how to become a streamer

With the evolution of games and the internet, people worldwide have taken a special interest in game streaming which gave birth to streaming wars. Professional gamers can now share their unique talent with the world and make a career out of it in streaming. Hence, if you want to become a top streamer, you will … Read more

How to Make Money on Mixer in 2022

How to Make Money on Mixer

Mixer is a streaming platform that Microsoft initially brought out as Beam and later got it converted into what it is today. Besides, it is similar to that of the other live streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Now, why am I just putting up all of this? Well, this invention in the streaming industry … Read more

How to Use SpeedFan to Cool Down Laptop in 2022

How to Use SpeedFan

When it comes to monitoring your gaming build internally, SpeedFan can serve as an invaluable tool. It has never been easier to work with PC setups at home with the advancement in technology. We will cover ways to control better the SpeedFan program to monitor your PC’s internal workings in this article. Although SpeedFan is … Read more

How to Find & Install Motherboard Drivers on Windows 10

how to install motherboard drivers

Motherboard drivers are one of the most important components of any operating system because they control all of the computer’s primary functions. The motherboard drivers are devices that serve as an interface between the system’s software and the computer’s hardware board. In addition to providing additional information on how to use hardware, computer drivers also … Read more

How to Solve the SKSE64 Not Working Problem in Skyrim [2022]

SKSE64 Not Working

SKSE64, short for “Skyrim Script Extender 64” is a tool that helps gamers apply all the mods in Skyrim, thus allowing them to experience something new. However, it might happen that the SKSE64 won’t work ideally on your operating system. Some of the reasons include interruption of Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, or a custom antivirus … Read more

How to Test a Laptop Motherboard With a Multimeter 2022

How to Test a Motherboard With a Multimeter

In a computer system, the motherboard is the most important part. An actual PC is created when all the parts are joined together. It is the central communication link between the computer’s components. In addition, everyone wants an understanding of how to test a motherboard with a multimeter since most computer systems cannot run without … Read more