How to Show Ping in Fortnite? Easy Solutions for Hardcore Gamers

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Fortnite is one of the renowned online video games, played internationally by hundreds of millions of players. The game has won many awards including the best multiplayer game award.

If you are also a Fortnite player, then you must know of the amazing features this game has to offer. However, lately, many users have been complaining about issues that they have been facing in the game.

These issues can be from the server, or because of your internet connection. So, the question is, how do you find out which one it is.

The answer is simple, by enabling Fortnite ping and watching the network stats as you play the game. But, you might think that Epic Games doesn’t allow you to watch the ping.

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The reason you might think that is because the option to see ping is tricky to enable. It’s not available in common settings and doesn’t go by the same name.

The ping refers to the latency between your game and the server. In simple words, it is the delay in network signal because of slow internet connection that causes lag in your game.

As ping is a delay, then higher ping means more delay and lower ping means less delay. You must reduce your ping as much as possible by improving your network connection speed.

Once your ping reaches zero, it means the internet connection speed is perfect for gameplay and you won’t be facing any lag at all.

Hence, to help you turn on ping in Fortnite, we are going to provide you a step-by-step guide.

Steps to Enable Ping in Fortnite

First of all, to enable the ping to need to be in the pre-game settings or playing the game. Regardless of what platform you are using to play the game, the Fortnite ping can be turned on with a few steps.

Follow the below steps to successfully enable the ping from Fortnite settings:

  • From the pre-game lobby, you need to go to settings. The first step is different for each platform. For X-Box One, press the Start button, for PlayStation press the Menu button, for PC press Escape, and for Mobile touch the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  • Once you are in the settings, click the Game UI icon, which is the third one across from the top horizontal tab. It will look like a box containing a triangle and some lines.
  • The first option in the Game UI tab is the HUD scale, that’s how you’ll know you have selected the right option.
  • In the drop-down list, enable the option named “NET DEBUG STATS”.

By enabling this option, you have successfully activated the ping stats in your gameplay. From now onwards, you will be able to see the ping in the top left corner of your screen when you play Fortnite.

Why do I need to enable Ping in Fortnite?

As of lately, many users are facing some issues in the game Fortnite.  You can report these issues to the Epic Game page so that they can solve them.

However, sometimes you can just be facing a network connection issue and for that purpose, the game developers won’t be able to do anything for you.

Moreover, having a troublesome network connection will make you miss all your perfectly aimed shots in the game because of the lag.

Hence, you must enable ping in order to stay updated with your network stats. These stats will keep you informed of the situations all the time and whenever there is a connectivity issue you will know beforehand.

If you see the ping going higher, that would mean that there is more lag in your game and your network connectivity is slower. Moreover, the ping also depends on the server of the game you are using.

Sometimes, using a heavily loaded server can also be the cause of higher ping. Hence, enabling this ping feature will help you single out the issue and work on it.

The ping will always appear on the top left corner of your screen. There will also be some other important stats that will appear with ping once you activate this feature.

Other Beneficial Network Stats with Ping

Once you activate the ping, you will also be able to see a couple of other things besides your ping. These will include download speed, upload speed, and packet loss.

These network stats are very advantageous as they let you know about the status of the network connectivity you have.

Hence, if you face a problem in the game, you will be able to recognize it immediately and work for a solution, instead of being confused that what has happened.

Oversized or Undersized Ping

One of the common issues you might face after you have enabled ping in Fortnite is the display size of the numbers. These stats may appear absurdly large or extremely minute, both of which will be a sore to your eyes.

Hence to remove this issue and relieve yourself of this eyesore, you can change the font size of the network stats including ping from the settings.

To do that, the process is similar to the one you followed to enable the ping in Fortnite.

Follow the following steps in order to reduce or increase the size of ping and network stats in Fortnite:

  • First of all, you need to go to settings. This step is different for each platform. You can read it in the above guide.
  • Next go to the Game UI, the third option in the horizontal tab on the top line.
  • The first option is the HUD Scale. Adjust this scale until you reach the right size that is perfectly visible, and isn’t very large.

Once you have set this scale, your ping and other network stats will appear in a normal size. Hence, you will be free from the size trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show my ping?

To enable your ping, you need to go to settings and enable it manually. For that purpose, we have provided you step-by-step instructions in the above guide. Follow it to make your ping visible.

How do I show Ping in Fortnite Xbox?

The process is pretty much similar for every platform. Once you are on the pre-game screen, play the start button to open settings and from there you can enable the ping. You can follow the above guide for further details.

How do I check my ping in Fortnite 2022?

To check your ping, you must first enable it. For that, you need to go to settings from the Fortnite game. Once in settings, you need to open Game UI and from there you can enable visibility of ping and networking stats.

How do I enable ping on Fortnite ps4?

For PS4, when on the pre-game screen in Fortnite, press the Menu button to open settings. Once you open settings, go to Game UI and from there you can activate ping visibility. For more details, you can read the above guide.

How do I make my ping appear on Fortnite pc?

It is very simple to make ping appear on a PC. Once you open the Fortnite game and reach the pre-game screen, press Esc to open settings. From settings go to Game UI and from there you can enable NET DEBUG Stats to activate ping visibility.

Some Last Words

In this article, we have shared with you methods to enable ping viewing in the Fortnite game. Due to the name, Net Debug Stats, it might be confusing for users to know how to enable ping in Fortnite. We have remedied that dilemma by providing a step-by-step guide that shows how to enable ping on any game platform.

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