How to Delete Game Pigeon App on iMessage and iPhone in 2022?

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Game Pigeon is sort of a multiplayer game that allows iPhone users to play different games on the iMessage app. Not to forget, it works on iOS 10 and above operating systems.

Recently users have been facing problems regarding the uninstallation of this app from their iPhones.

This scenario has led us to discuss ‘how to delete Game Pigeon App?’ with easy and simple steps.

If GamePigeon having any issues but you don’t want to delete is here is a Fix “What to do if GamePigeon is not Working“.

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Follow us and become successful in deleting this app from your iPhone once and for all:

7 Easy Steps on How to Uninstall Game Pigeon from iPhone?

In case you have downloaded and installed Game Pigeon from AppStore, you could enjoy playing different games on it with users.

However, if you do not want to play it anymore, then there is no need of letting it occupy extra space on your phone.

Mind you that uninstalling the app is not as easy as you might think. That’s probably the main reason you are here, aren’t you?

Enough with the pun!

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you could follow to uninstall the app:

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Open iMessage App

You do not need to open anything else to delete the Game Pigeon on iPhone.

Simply open your iMessage app and then follow the next step:

Step 2: Open a Random Conversation

The next step involves opening a conversation you have had with another iPhone user.

You need to open that conversation otherwise you will not be able to find extra options to delete the application from your iPhone.

Step 3: Select the App Icon

Sometimes, the apps are invisible when you choose a random conversation on the iMessage app.

In that case, you simply have to select the App Icon if that’s the case.

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Step 4: Swipe the Icons

Simply swipe the icons to the left until you see the “More” option with 3 horizontal dots.

Tap on it and then follow the next step:

Step 5: Find Game Pigeon in More Apps

As soon as a new screen appears, go to More Apps.

From there, you have to find the Game Pigeon icon.

Step 6: Delete the App

Simply tap on Delete and let your iPhone delete the app from your operating system.

Step 7: Check iMessage Again

Finally, close the iMessage app and reopen it to see whether the app has been removed successfully or not.

What If the Above Fix Does Not Help?

In case if the above fix does not help to delete the app from your iPhone completely, then you have to Force Reboot your smartphone.

Another option is to Force Stop the iMessage app, open it again, and then follow the same procedure we have listed above.

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How to Hide Game Pigeon Icon from App Drawer?

If you do not intend to delete the game completely and only want to remove its icon, then follow these steps:

  • Open the iMessage app and swipe left to find the More option with three horizontal dots (…)
  • Tap on More and you will see a new window opening.
  • Tap on the Edit option and then find Game Pigeon App Icon.
  • Select the App and Hide it from the App Drawer accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I uninstall GamePigeon?

Uninstalling the app is only possible through the iMessage app, so open it and choose any random conversation. Select More option from bottom App Drawer menu and in the new tab, find GamePigeon app. Tap on it for a while and then delete it.

2. How do you delete an iMessage game on iPhone?

The procedure of deleting an iMessage game on an iPhone is similar to what we discussed before. You have to select the More option and then go to a new window to find iMessage games there. Tap on the one you want to delete and then simply uninstall it.

3. How to play game pigeon on iMessage?

Playing GamePigeon on iMessage is easy. Just open a conversation with someone you want to play

GamePigeon. Go to the bottom App Drawer and click on the GamePigeon icon. It will allow you to select the game you want to play with your friend. Choose it and it will automatically send an invite to that specific person.

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Final Takeaways:

Deleting Game Pigeon on iPhone is easy if you know the right steps.

Simply follow all the major steps we have mentioned and you will get rid of it within few seconds.

However, if you are still confused, we suggest watching the following tutorial for a better idea:

Good Luck!!

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