How To Fully Charge a Laptop Battery Manually or Externally

Laptops have taken over desktop computers because of their portability which allows you to carry them anywhere. However, the work on a battery needs to be regularly charged to use the laptop.

Oftentimes, you will be faced with a situation when you don’t have the dedicated charger to charge your laptop. You have either lost it, broken it, or you might be away from it while it remains in your drawer at home.

In those situations, you will be wondering the question “How to charge your laptop battery manually?” We are here to help you out with this question.

In this article, we will share with you some of the most prominent and effective methods that you can use to charge your laptop’s battery manually or externally.

Some of these methods can provide a permanent solution, while others remain strictly as emergency measures.

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So, without wasting any time, let’s get right to it.

Easy Ways to Charge a Laptop’s Battery Manually

1) Use DIY External Laptop Battery Charger

Use DIY External Laptop Battery Charger

The most effective of these methods is to use an external laptop battery charger. You can easily get this charger from your nearest computer store and you should always keep it as a spare for emergencies.

One thing that you need to make sure of is the compatibility factor. Each laptop battery needs a specific wattage and voltage to charge the battery efficiently. Anything higher or lower will damage the battery or make it unusable.

Hence, you must make sure that you are getting the right external charger for your laptop’s battery. For that purpose, you can check compatible chargers online or take your laptop’s battery to the store from where you are gonna be purchasing the charger.

2) Use a Universal Adapter

Use a Universal Adapter

Universal adapters can be easily found within the market and they can be used for a variety of laptops. You can use these adapters in case of emergencies to charge your laptop when you are lacking a dedicated charger.

Universal Adapters work with a range of laptops, but compatibility still remains an important factor. If you are using a notebook laptop, that doesn’t have a traditional laptop battery, the charger will reduce the efficiency of your battery.

Hence, your battery will eventually become less and less effective until it completely dies of charge. We recommend not to use these chargers for longer periods and only use them when you have no other options left.

3) Charge Laptop’s Battery with AC Adapter

Charge Laptop’s Battery with AC Adapter

In many cases when your adapter breaks down, you can also give the AC Adapter you have a shot at your laptop. There’s no guarantee that you will have success with this method but it’s worth giving it a try.

The AC Adapter might turn out to be compatible with your laptop and charge it, otherwise, your laptop will notify you that the charger isn’t compatible with this laptop.

4) Using a Travel Adapter to Charge Laptop’s Battery

Using a Travel Adapter to Charge Laptop’s Battery

Travel adapters are also a good way to charge your laptop’s battery. These adapters can be used in cars, buses, airplanes, and trains when you are traveling from one place to the other and your laptop’s battery dies.

If your laptop’s keyboard is damaged then see this guide on How to Fix a Key that Fell Off a Laptop’s Keyboard

Travel Adapters are in actual universal chargers that will charge your laptop’s battery. Although not the most effective ones, these chargers still suffice for the job.

5) Using a Portable Charger

Using a Portable Charger

Portable laptop battery chargers allow you to connect your laptop’s battery to an electric supply and charge it portably. It comes as an external box for your battery that you can use to charge the battery externally.

Charging Your Laptop’s Battery Through USB Type-C Connectivity

If you have a modern laptop, which comes with USB Type-C connectivity, then you can use this port also to charge your laptop’s battery through a variety of manners.

USB Type-C is specially designed so that it can charge other devices and also take charge from other devices. So, the availability of this port can provide be a lot beneficial in moments of emergencies.

Let’s look at some of the most effective methods that come with this type of connectivity.

#1 Charge Your Laptop’s Battery with Type-C Charger

Charge Your Laptop’s Battery with Type-C Charger

You can use an AC Adapter Type-C charger to charge your laptop’s battery. This charger will effectively charge your laptop’s battery fully and allow you to use it for longer hours. This is one of the most effective benefits of a Type-C battery.

#2 Charge Your Laptop’s Battery With a Powerbank

Charge Your Laptop’s Battery With a Powerbank

If you have a Powerbank, you can store charge in it and later charge your laptop through it using the Type-C port. It is of course obvious that Powerbank won’t be able to give you a full charge, but it is still very effective and can provide to be beneficial in case of emergencies.

#3 Charging Your Laptop through Smartphone

Charging Your Laptop through Smartphone

Well, the idea would almost seem impossible to you. So, consider it like this, you were sending an important email, but you ran out of battery, now you have a mobile that was on a full charge, but the email is on your laptop.

If both your laptop and your mobile feature a type-c port, then you are in luck. Because you can use your mobile to give charge to your laptop that can be turned on and used for a while.

Even if your mobile is fully charged, you will only be able to use your laptop only for 10 minutes or maybe for 15. Your mobile’s battery will drain very fast.

However, use this method only in rare emergencies and not often. While it might not hurt your laptop to use this method, your mobile’s battery would lose its efficiency and might die permanently.

Alternative Methods to Charging Laptop’s Battery Manually

There are also some very effective alternative methods that you can use instead of charging your laptop’s battery externally or manually.

1. Keeping a Spare Battery

Keeping a Spare Battery

If you often travel to outdoor and far-off places, where it is difficult to charge your laptop through traditional means, then it is a wise choice to keep a spare or extra laptop battery with you.

You can then use that battery when you run out of charge and have a completely filled battery again. You can get an external charger to charge the spare battery. This method is very effective as the laptop’s battery isn’t very expensive and you can easily get an external charger.

Furthermore, they are small and are easy to carry around in a small bag. Just make sure while purchasing that you have the right battery that is compatible with your laptop.

2. Get a Super Battery for Your Laptop

Get a Super Battery for Your Laptop

Super Batteries have more cells, more batteries and come with an internal adapter that makes charging them much easier and more efficient. Moreover, they also give you a longer battery life.

Hence, if you regularly require long hours of battery usage, then you should get a super battery and super battery charger for your laptop. This will considerably increase the battery time of your laptop and allow you to use it for much longer.

3. Using Solar Energy to Charge Laptop

Using Solar Energy to Charge Laptop

A bit nerdy, but this method is also very effective. Imagine you are going to some far countryside where electricity is always a problem, however, sunlight is available in abundance.

With a solar charger, you can convert this solar energy from a solar panel to charge your laptop’s battery externally. This method is very effective for people who travel to far-off places or other countries where using traditional charging methods isn’t an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to charge a laptop battery externally?

There are a variety of ways to charge a laptop’s battery externally. We have shared some of the most effective methods in our above guide. The best way is to get an external laptop’s battery charger.

How can I charge my laptop battery without a charger?

Well, if you are lacking a charger, you can use an external battery charger, portable charger, AC adapter, USB Type-C connection, or a travel adapter to charge your laptop’s battery. There are also alternative ways including keeping a spare battery.

Can I charge my laptop’s battery directly with wires?

No, you cannot. The reason is that a laptop’s battery requires some complex circuits for current to pass through in order to be optimized for best performance. Directly connecting the battery with wires will have the risk of blowing up the battery.

Can I charge my laptop’s battery from my smartphone?

Well, it is possible although not very feasible or wise. We recommend that you only use it in case of severe emergencies. USB Type-C connectivity allows you to use this method, however, the charge will only last a few minutes and your mobile’s battery will drain fast.

Some Final Words

In this above article, we have shared with you several methods to charge your laptop’s battery manually, externally, or in absence of its dedicated charger. Most of these methods are very effective, while some can only be used in emergencies. Let us know in the comments whether you were able to charge your laptop using any of the above methods.

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