How to Become a Popular Streamer in 2022?

With the evolution of games and the internet, people worldwide have taken a special interest in game streaming which gave birth to streaming wars.

Professional gamers can now share their unique talent with the world and make a career out of it in streaming.

Hence, if you want to become a top streamer, you will need proper gear, an advanced gaming computer, and streaming tools.

These things might seem like they cost a lot, but in actual you can start your streaming channel with much less and slowly build your way to the top.

However, if you want a kickstart, then investing in the best and top-rated gear can yield some explosive benefits on your part.

The modern generation is always searching for new forms of entertainment, and streaming provided them with the best in the era.

Now coming to the point, first of all, to start streaming, you will need a proper channel on a streaming platform. There is a variety of those available on the internet.

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But if you want to become a top streamer in gaming and earn some good money along the way, then the best platform to do that is Twitch.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a successful streamer on Twitch.

1. Creating a Channel on Twitch

Creating a Channel on Twitch

First of all, you will need to create an account on this platform to start your streaming channel. You’ll be surprised to know how many streamers have become popular through Twitch.

Twitch is one of the most successful and renowned games streaming platforms around the globe.

However, you can also choose to stream on YouTube and other platforms. Creating a channel is simple on them as well.

2. The Choice of Streaming Mode

Once you have created the channel, the next step is deciding how you will be delivering your stream to your viewers.

There are two modes available, the first is live streaming, and the other is uploading modified videos.

Each of these modes comes with its own perks. However, we will suggest that a beginner streamer use live streaming to gain streamers and build a base first.

2.1 Live Streaming Mode

Live Streaming Mode

In live streaming, you will need some basic gear to patch in and deliver your performance along with your jokes and punchlines to your audience.

A good streamer will always know how to capture the attention of his audience. Sense of humor also adds a positive influence to your stream.

However, at the beginning, you might not be able to afford game capture gear. So your streams won’t be recorded and will be lost after you end them.

2.2 Adding Modified Videos

Adding Modified Videos

This mode is recommended once you have gained some success and experience from your streaming. You will need a good budget to make it happen.

Professional streamers use advanced gear to post modified videos of their streams on their channels.

In this way, the viewers only have to watch short videos of 20-30 minutes from which all the unnecessary footage is edited out.

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Hence, you will be able to deliver to your audience the best punchlines, jokes, and moments from the video game streaming to show them what makes you a better streamer.

Furthermore, you can also add special effects to your videos, for which you will need high-tech computers and software.

3. Getting the Right Gear

Once you are done with the basics, you need to gather your arsenal, which is crucial to the upcoming wars.

Without the proper gear, you will be going naked to the blizzard of the gaming world. Hence, you will need to select the right tool that can maximize your efficiency and performance.

To get started, you will need the basic gear, which is also cost-effective. You can always improve and upgrade your gear in the future.

3.1 The PC and Streaming Tools—The Basics

PC and Streaming Tools

Beginner streamers need an average power PC along with basic streaming tools to begin their passion for streaming.

Your PC desk, along with the rest of the room, will be your base of operations. Hence, you need to set it up like you would in a game.

Remember, you need to capture your audience’s attention, so you must be attentive, devoted, and ready for punch lines.

Besides the PC, you will also be needing a webcam, a headset, and a stable internet connection to begin streaming.

The webcam will provide the audience with a live view of your expressions as you play the game. The view of your background also has a positive influence on the audience.

The headset will allow you to speak to your audience with much more ease. The microphone will deliver clear audio to the audience.

A stable internet connection is crucial for streaming. No one likes a stream that lags or is dead in the middle. Hence, it is a mandatory factor.

Once all of this is set up, you are good to inaugurate your streaming channel with the first live stream.

3.2 Upgrading The Gear—Making Your System Powerful

Upgrading The Gear

Once you have succeeded as a streamer and saved some money, you can upgrade your gear to maximize your performance.

By upgrading, you will become a better streamer on Twitch and bring your audience newer and more creative content.

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First things first, in the beginning, you need to upgrade your PC and accessories. Having a more powerful CPU with Gaming Gear will always prove more effective.

Then upgrade your mouse, keyboard, headset, and webcam. Once, you have upgraded them to some level; you can move to the next step.

3.3 Bringing in Advanced Tech—Advancing to Pro Level

Bringing in Advanced Tech

Many advanced technological tools can assist you in streaming and making your videos much better.

The first tool to get among them is the Game Capture. This tool will allow you to record your live streams for later modifications.

There is a variety of game captures available in the market, each with its own unique features.

Getting such a device will help you deliver your videos to that audience who couldn’t get it live or those who want to watch a specific scene again.

There are also streaming decks available to help you add special effects to your live streams. These are consoles with special buttons.

Hence, getting one of those will also take your streams to the next level. You will be able to provide new and unique entertainment experiences to your audience.

Adding to this, you can also improve your background by getting an attractive chair and placing eye-catching things on the shelves and walls behind you.

Once you have become popular, your audience will become your fans, and fans like to see their ideals in good shape and good surroundings.

4. Sticking to a Schedule

Sticking to a Schedule

Once you have gained some audience, they will expect content and live streams from you. They must know when you are going live so they can tune -in.

Hence, it would be best if you stuck to a proper schedule for your streams. Otherwise, you might end up losing your audience.

A great streamer will never let his audience and fans down. He will always show up on time and provide his audience with the best entertaining content.

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5. Achieving Affiliate Status on Twitch—Beginning Your Earnings

Achieving Affiliate Status on Twitch

Once you are set up for streaming, the next step is building your audience. This will go side by side with your upgrades.

Once you have built up some audience and achieved the required number of views and videos on Twitch, you will be able to apply for the Twitch affiliate status.

This status will allow you to gain a share of the revenue you generate for the platform.

Hence, your earnings will start here, allowing you to improve your gear and take care of your expenditures.

Progressing with this status is much faster, and you will have your reach to a wider audience.

6. Becoming a Twitch Partner—Competing with the Top Streamers

Becoming a Twitch Partner

This is the highest status of a streamer on Twitch that will give you maximum benefits to share with your audience and become the most successful streamers.

By becoming a Twitch Partner, you step into the big game and compete with pros for higher views and audiences.

Also, you will be getting a much bigger bite of the revenue on this level, which will allow you to upgrade your gear to maximum and entertain your audience much more.

7. Side Content Creation

Side Content Creation

Once you become a popular streamer, your audience will always want to know more about you.

Your opinions on certain games and hot topics will also grab an audience’s attention, especially your fans.

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Hence, besides game streaming, you should create other interactive and interesting content to grab more audience to your channel.

Streaming on YouTube

Streaming on YouTube

Instead of Twitch, you can also choose to stream on YouTube, which is also a successful platform. However, YouTube isn’t specifically for gaming, so that you will be audience-specific.

Nonetheless, you will be able to build up a fan following, grab the attention of the global audience, and generate revenue from there as well.

YouTube also provides you with various other options and a wider offering of ads to generate more money from your videos.

Tips for Beginner Streamers

Here are some of the must-remember tips to streamers who are just beginning.

  • Building viewership is a slow and gradual process, so you must be vigilant and never lose hope.
  • Always stick to your schedule. Your fans will be waiting for you at the scheduled time.
  • Prioritize the stability of your internet connection above all. It is crucial to ultimate success.
  • Always bring variety to your content. Be tolerant of troublemakers and provide your audience with new and creative content.
  • Think out of the box and interact with your audience in unique ways. Reward them for loyalty and support with giveaways.

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Becoming a successful streamer requires devotion and hard work. In the above article, we have provided you a step-by-step guide on becoming a popular streamer. Streaming career offers you high-earning opportunities and is one of the hottest careers of the modern era.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a good streamer?

A good streamer is entertaining and always provides his audience with unique and creative content. He must stick to a proper schedule and burn the midnight oil to provide his audience with the best content.

2. What is a streamer?

A streamer is someone who does a live broadcast of gaming or other content to his audience. A streamer can also record videos to provide his audience with creative content. Streaming is becoming a rapidly growing and hottest career globally.

3. What equipment do I need to stream?

To get started, you’ll be needing the basic equipment, including a PC, webcam, and a stable internet connection. Once you have begun, you can improve your performance and viewership by upgrading your gear and bringing in advanced streaming techs.

4. How much money does a streamer make?

Streaming is one of the hottest careers that can help you earn more than 5000 dollars per month if he streams for more than 40 hours a week. Once you become a professional streamer, the number can go much higher.

5. How much does a beginner streamer make?

A beginner streamer can make from 50$ to 1500$ per month. On Twitch, a beginner streamer can start his earning from 50$ once he achieves the affiliate status. The number will go up as you get more viewers and ads.

6. How much does a streamer make a year?

Expert Streamers make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. If you reach the top and compete in the streaming wars, you can also cross the million-dollar threshold. In the year 2020Félix Lengyela Canadian streamer, made 1.6 million US dollars.

7. How do I start a career in streaming?

To start a career in streaming, you need to follow the above guide. We have provided you with a proper step-by-step guide to become a successful streamer.

8. Can I become a streamer?

Yes, you can. Anyone can become a streamer. You will need proper guidance, which we have provided in the above article.

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