How to Get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

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Coin Master is a single-player mobile game that was released by Moon Active studio over a decade ago. The game is highly addictive and has more than 100 million downloads.

This is one of the top-grossing games in the UK and Germany. The game is intriguing as it combines the gambling spins with action and strategy. You can say that the game is much similar to Clash of Clans, but the spins make it much more interesting.

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These spins give you a lot of gold and other items that help you upgrade your Village in a faster way. Furthermore, these spins are purely based on luck, so you always have a hope of winning big.

A lot of people, to level up quicker, are purchasing spins on Coin Master. These spins don’t cost much and their number is limited on a per-day basis, but why spend anything at all when you can get them for free.

Yes, there is a lot of official and scam-free ways to earn spins daily. You can’t do much in this game if you are out of spins.

Here are some of the most efficient ways to get Coin Master Free Spins.

10 Ways You Can Earn Coin Master Free Spins and Coins in 2022

In this article, we will share with you the most definite and effective 10 ways that guarantee you a lot of daily free spins.

1. Free Spins Links by Moon Active and Coin Master

The Moon Active Studio, the creator of Coin Master, along with the game has social media pages on almost all platforms. On these platforms, there are daily links and giveaways that you can avail yourself of to get your free spins.

You shouldn’t open any link from a third-party website, as most of them will be a scam. The official links are uploaded on the official pages.

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However, these links can be uploaded anytime and you need to keep checking their pages again and again to avail them.

You can also turn on notifications from them so that every time there is a post, you can check it quickly.

You can get coin master free spins today from the following official social media links of Coin Master:




You must beware of fake pages and accounts on the social media platform. They will share fake links and try to steal your personal information. Coin Master doesn’t ask for anything like that.

25 spins
10 spins, 1 million coins
3 million coins
25 spins
25 spins
September 25 
25 spins
25 spins
10 spins, 1 million coins
10 spins, 1 million coins
September 24
25 spins
10 spins, 1 million coins
50 million coins
Coin Craze Event
3 million coins

2. Invite Friends Through Referral Link

Another most common way of earning free spins is by inviting your friends and family members to the game.

If you have friends who like to play such mobile games, you can invite them to play with you. Despite getting free spins, you will also enjoy playing this game with friends.

Once your friends join using the link you shared and log in using their Facebook account, the free spins will be delivered to your game account. You can earn up to 100 spins on Coin Master through this method.

The best part is, for you to get the spins, your friends don’t even need to play the game. They just need to sign-up. However, if you want to use the next method, then your friends must play the game.

3. Request Free Spin Gifts

Once you have started playing the game with your friends, they can send you free spins and coins every day.

The best part is, that sending spins and coins as a gift won’t be deducted from your own account. These are free from the game.

You can find the free spins and coins your friends have sent you in the gift section of the game. Also, remember to gift them back.

In this way, they can return your gift the next day and you’ll keep getting free spins every day.

4. Sign-Up for Email Gifts

It’s similar to signing up for a newsletter or offers on your email. Like e-stores offer you a discount for doing that, the Coin Master offers free spins.

This is an easy way to get free spins. The links are sent officially so there’s no risk of spamming.

Every once in a while, you also have a chance of getting a big gift or getting many more free spins and coins on Coin Master.

5. Daily Rewards

Like all other mobile games, you can also get daily rewards on Coin Master. This game gives you a bonus just for returning to the game every day.

You can get interesting things from this bonus and the best part is the reward grows for consecutive logins each day.

The reward also includes free spins and coins. Hence, just by logging in every day, you can manage to get daily free Coin Master Spins.

6. Watching Ads

Even a few free spins can turn your luck around. Every day when you run out of free spins, you can get some more by watching video ads.

They won’t be always there and they are very limited. However, watching these ads will give you more spins and these spins can prove very beneficial, especially for the next method.

7. Spins from Spins

You can always get more spins from spinning. However, you need to have some good luck with that.

If you can manage to get three spin energy symbols in a row, you will win quite a few free spins that you can use.

Hence, using all the free spins will gain you more free spins that also have the potential to win you more. So, theoretically, you might never run out of free spin. Well, that will need one hell of luck.

8. Normal and Gold Card Sets

The game also consists of card sets that can give you a lot of free spins and coins once they are complete.

Completing the normal card sets isn’t difficult. You can collect them from trading groups and they can also be sent as gifts.

However, the gold cards can only be availed from the chests and aren’t available for trading. So, you need a lot of luck for getting them.

One thing that Coin Master gamers recommend, is to only complete a card set during the Set Blast Card Event so that you can avail 30% free spins bonus.

For trading cards on the official platform, join the following official Facebook Trading Page of Coin Master:

Coin Master Trading Group:

9. Game Events

There is always one ongoing event that you can play to get free spins. Always stay active in events and make sure to play them regularly.

This will help you win a lot of free spins regularly. Hence, you must take advantage of these events to win a lot of free spins and coins on Coin Master.

10. Upgrade Your Village

This is one of the most difficult tasks in the game and also the primary goal of the game. However, it also earns you a lot of free spins.

Taking your village to the next level involves completing a lot of steps and upgrading a lot of buildings.

When you are finally able to upgrade the village, you will get 25 free spins.

If you want to get a lot more than that, then you must wait for the Village master event.

It is available for a few minutes every day, and during this event, if you upgrade your village, you will get a lot more free spins and coins.

You must wait for the perfect opportunity to level up the village so that you can earn many more free spins on Coin Master.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get free spins on Coin Master?

There are a lot of ways you can collect free spins on Coin Master. The most effective way from an external source is daily official links from Coin Master social accounts.

How to increase spin in Coin Master?

There are a lot of in-game methods to increase your spins on a daily basis. You just need to be an active player of the game. If you want to increase the number of spins you get from tasks, wait for the right event.

Can I get 70 Coin Master free spins?

You won’t be able to get these from a daily link or a regular task. The 70 free spins are part of a special event. Hence, you must play the game daily so you can avail this prize when the event takes place.

Some Last Words

Coin Master is a top-grossing and extremely fun game that is being played worldwide. Some players are annoyed that their free spins end quickly and they don’t want to pay for them. So, we have shared this article that will help you get free spins for Coin Master daily.

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