Bottleneck Calculator Check Performance of Your Computer & Laptop

Tools such as bottleneck calculators allow you to examine the interconnection between the computer’s processor and graphics card. CPU and GPU can be powerful in opposite manners: sometimes the CPU is much more powerful than the GPU.

This article will help you to understand how the tool works, what the percentage means and its relation to the power and demands of the CPU and GPU, and whether you can rely on the score when making a decision about what hardware to buy.

What is a Bottleneck?

What is a Bottleneck?

PC community members must have heard the term bottleneck, but they are not familiar with it. Users will gain a better understanding of PC builds if they are aware of what bottlenecks are. The bottleneck is a term used to describe the bottleneck neck.

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We can explain this by saying that if a PC represents a water bottle, then the CPU and GPU function as the necks of it. Thus, the use of a bottleneck calculator will prevent purchase remorse for users.

CPUs as Bottlenecks

When the GPU’s processing speed is much greater than the CPU’s, a CPU bottleneck will result. When playing video games, the CPU takes care of various tasks, such as handling input from the player, the Logic of the game, Drawing calls, and artificial intelligence. While they are the basics, the CPU is responsible for handling a wide variety of tasks.

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Typically, such a list involves a Draw Call as the main task. Information is passed from CPU to GPU primarily by the CPU. The CPU passes information to the GPU since GPU cannot access its storage devices.

GPU is explained by the CPU on how and what to make. As soon as the GPU receives the Draw Call, it displays everything that has been requested.

CPU bottlenecks occur when the CPU becomes underpowered and the GPU renders a frame faster than the CPU. When this occurs, the GPU needs to wait for another call and this is the underlying reason for the bottleneck. It gives the games a stutter.

Using the GPU as a Bottleneck

When the CPU goes faster than the GPU, the GPU becomes a bottleneck. GPU gives frames to the CPU after it gets them from the GPU. The GPU is usually the bottleneck in most cases.

You won’t see any stutter when the GPU starts pushing outward form at a constant form rate. Then you’ll have the perfect gaming scenario.

GPU bottlenecks aren’t that bad. The performance of the CPU has been affected by the bottlenecks to varying degrees. We can run various forms of gaming without any hassle while the GPU is the bottleneck of the system.

How to Prevent Bottleneck?

Even if you assemble all the best components in your PC, there will be one thing or another that may cause Bottleneck issues. Although you cannot completely remove the Bottleneck issue from your PC, you can try to reduce it to the minimum.

When playing games, without any need to have background programs running, the gameplay performance will suffer. As a result, CPU and RAM are being used by open programs.

Thus, less CPU is used, and more GPU is used, thus causing a bottleneck. In order to avoid bottleneck issues while playing online games, it is advisable to close all unnecessary background programs and services.

In addition to overclocking, you can also use less powerful components. It won’t help to overclock a Graphics Card if your CPU is less powerful and your GPU is powerful. To match the performance of the CPU with the GPU, you must overclock the CPU.

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How to Calculate Bottleneck?

Checking or troubleshooting your PC’s bottleneck can be done in a few different ways.

Checking Manually:

Bottleneck issues can be identified by installing software and checking the CPU and GPU percentage. For the in-game overlay, you have to install a CPU usage tracker like MSI afterburner.

The GPU is fully utilized on your computer if it is at 100%. CPU bottlenecks occur when CPU usage is almost 100%, and GPU usage is relatively low.

Before upgrading parts or buying new computer hardware, you should use a Bottleneck Calculator.

Bottleneck Calculator:

pc builds Bottleneck Calculator

You can check Bottleneck by using this calculator from pc-builds. Here’s the method to use that calculator.

  • After you click on the above link and go to the website, First select AMD or Intel CPU.
  • Next, select the CPU series, and enter the CPU model.
  • Similarly, you need to select AMD or NVIDIA GPU.
  • After that, select the GPU series and Model.
  • Finally, enter the amount of memory (RAM) you have on your PC, and click on the Calculate button.

Is Bottleneck Calculator Accurate?

Several discussions have been held about the bottleneck calculator. Others say it is a handy tool for first-time users, while there are still those who find it to be underutilized.

There is no accuracy in the bottleneck calculator. When choosing between graphics cards and processors, users shouldn’t base their decision on it. Since bottlenecks are not dependent on equipment, there is no way around them.

Additionally, they are included in the applications and games you use. It’s common for games and other processes to be loaded even more on the GPU than on the CPU.

If the bottleneck has disappeared or changed, then it depends on what you are able to accomplish. Users are given this information to help them make decisions. Pinch points on computers aren’t accurate enough. The component that avoids coupling is outlined in this section.

Disadvantages of Using Bottleneck Calculator:

Bottleneck calculators have the following disadvantages.

There is a major issue that occurs when the score that appears in the bottleneck calculator is low, and it is believed that the amount of it will have to do with the chip and the graphics card.

Obviously, the CPU would be faster than the graphics card if such a thing were to happen. You should avoid investing a lot of money in graphics cards. The user interface of all programs may not be the best. Make sure all parameters are correct and look at the same CPU for it.

A bottleneck calculator can be found on sites such as and is also provided by online retailers in order to set a very low threshold for the bottleneck. The hardware they provide can also be replaced with the existing hardware.

Bottleneck Stoppage:

Increasing the processor or the graphics card can be the best method for reducing bottlenecks. A bottleneck can be lowered in other ways as well. It requires a variety of actions on your part.

Apps that are unnecessary should be stopped from running in the background. In addition to increasing the resolution of the game, if the CPU is a bottleneck, an increase in resolution might be more effective.

Decreasing the game resolution might be a solution if the GPU is the bottleneck. CPU overclocking can be an excellent source of power by lowering the CPU binding settings. CPU or GPU replacements are only affordable if they are an option. The RAM or GPU can also be overclocked.

The bottleneck can be solved by many other things. They may also affect it in some way.

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What’s my bottleneck?

A bottleneck checker is a tool used to check the interconnection between your CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphical processing unit).

How can I calculate bottleneck?

You can easily calculate the bottleneck of your computer/laptop by using the bottleneck calculator. One of the best calculators to check the bottleneck of your system is from PC-builds.

Is the bottleneck calculator accurate?

Although there is no accuracy in the bottleneck calculator, you can still get some idea and this will help you to buy a new computer.

Final Thoughts:

In addition to offering an easy way to check whether your chosen components are compatible, bottleneck calculators are not reliable determinants of a computer’s quality and should not be taken as absolutes.

If the bottleneck tester indicates that your CPU is too weak for your GPU, check out the processor you have decided to use. Think carefully if you really need to increase the processor for a graphics card that says it will introduce issues, especially if it is meant for everyday computer use and decent gaming performance.

You don’t need to worry about your selection if it says the graphics card you selected is too weak for your CPU. You can choose what you want.

GPUs do not deteriorate CPU performance, so it’s a waste of money to buy a higher-priced piece of hardware just for your graphics card, especially if there are buttons on the bottleneck calculator page linking to purchasing sites.

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