Are Laptop Cooling Pads Worth It? Know Everything Before Buying

Working with heavy tasks such as rendering causes a high amount of heat generation. Cooling pads regulate and remove heat from the environment through their cooling fans.

When you invest in cooling pads, there may be some questions in your mind like, which cooling pad should I buy? Are laptop cooling pads worth it? Or are cooling pads really necessary?

Generally, the built-in fans in laptops become weak with time and cannot perform better. An external cooling system in the form of cooling pads can drain heat out of the Laptop more efficiently.

Temperature goes down, and the Laptop can perform heavy tasks at optimal speed. So, you can cool down your Laptop with a small investment in cooling pads.

What Are the Benefits of Cooling Pads?

Gaming laptops with best cooling system don’t always need a cooling pad. But a laptop cooling pad has many advantages when working with labor-intensive tasks like rendering and gaming.

Lower the Temperature

Undoubtedly, laptop cooling pads prevent overheating through active and passive cooling systems. These cooling systems provide a varying amount of cooling in the Laptop.

It all depends upon the size, shape, and design of fans and the overall design of cooling pads. So, before investing, you have to check the capacity of cooling provided by cooling pads.

Enhance User Experience

Besides the cooling effect, laptop cooling pads provide better physical comfort while working on Laptop. They are equally useful for working on the bed or the table.

A diversity of supply designs are offered in the shops. So, before buying cooling pads, check height and flexibility adjustments.

A better cooling design can help you reduce neck pain by improved posture. It will also enhance your productivity.

Easy to Use

Laptop cooling is very easy to use as it only needs to place the Laptop on it and start it. Modern cooling pads have different USB ports, phone docks, and mouse pads. They have digital controls for fan speed and RGB lights installed in cooling pads.

What are the Types of Cooling Pads?

Depending on the cooling systems’ design and capacity, different cooling pads are available.

Active Cooling Pads for Laptop

The active cooling pads have smaller fans, and they blow air inside the Laptop through vents and grills. The hotness will degenerate into the air. But some cooling pads suck heat from grills instead of blowing air inward.

These are connected to the Laptop by USB ports. Contingent to the dimensions of a laptop, the number of fans ranges from 1 to 6.

Modern cooling pads have extra features like a filter between the fans and Laptop to avoid dust issues. The cooling pad also adds speed controls for fans to control the speed manually or automatically.

Passive Cooling Pads

The passive cooling pads provide cool air without connecting them to a power source. These pads comprise organic salt compounds that pr, provide a cooling effect to the Laptop by absorbing heat. They can work better for laptops with vents and grills on the side instead of the bottom.

Passive cooling pads cannot work for laptops with built-in cooling fans as they will stop forced heat dissipation and cause overheating.

The limitation to such coolers is 6-10 hours working compared to active cooling pads. But they can work best when the Laptop is placed on some hard and elevated surface to provide a gap for heat dissipation.

Multipurpose Cooling Pads for Laptops

Like any other industry, the laptop gadgets industry is flourishing and provides more convenient and adjustable designs. Modern laptop cooling pads are also featuring multipurpose designs.

The cooling effect and memory drive functions are installed in a single design. Some have the design of a work desk and built-in cooling systems.

These design flexibilities enable you to work on a desk and the bed without facing overheating issues. But these have high weights, which make them non-portable.

Do I Really Need to Connect the Cooling Pad to Laptop?

It is not easy to say that everybody does not need a laptop cooling pad. In some circumstances, you only need to buy a cooling pad to keep the temperature low and avoid overheating issues. It is one of the cheap solutions to overcome the irritating issue of heating.

If you are working on an old laptop, they are more susceptible to getting hot, and it becomes tough enough to touch even – then a cooling pad is a solution. Cooling pads are the short solution to overheating issues if the Laptop is not cleaned regularly.

Overheating in the presence of a cooling pad may persist if the dust particles shave block the vents and grills. Dust is one of the main causes of overheating, which can be removed by blowing compressed air through the vents inside the Laptop.

You surely buy a cooling pad working on a bed, pillow, or lap. Most of the cooling pads are designed to be used on hard surfaces, but some are available for on-lap usage of laptops. It will be comfortable working on the bed and remove heat through regular vents.

Thirdly, if you push the Laptop to its limits to enhance productivity, the under-capacity Laptop will surely heat up when forced to perform high graphics tasks. In such circumstances, a cooling pad can help you to avoid overheating.

Also, laptop cooling pads can be beneficial as they provide physical comfort. Improvement in working posture can reduce neck and back pains.

How to Pick A Right Laptop Cooling Pad?

Different options for laptop cooling pads are available to choose from, but some factors must be kept in mind before making a final decision.


Certainly, the basic purpose of cooling pads is to lower the temperature. The efficiency of the cooling pad is rated according to the cooling speed of the laptop cooler. The best quality cooling pads have multiple fans and ample airflow.


A cooling pad should support the size and be able to carry the weight of the Laptop. It should have the flexibility to adopt different angles and positions of usage. If the design is rigid, it won’t be easy to work comfortably.

Fan Speed Controls

Cooling pads can have single as well as multiple fans. Coolers with a single fan will provide uniform airflow, producing noise. Multiple fans coolers are more efficient and silent in working.

In modern coolers, digital displays and controls are added to fine-tune the speed of fans as per requirements.

How Can I Keep Laptop Cooling Pad Clean?

Once you have decided to buy a laptop cooling that meets your needs, it’s your responsibility to know about the cleanliness of the cooling pad. Dust is the main concern in this regard as it can hamper the performance of cooling fans or cooling pads.

Dust will affect the cooler’s fans and create issues regarding cooling in your Laptop.

To keep the openings clean, you can use Q-tip to remove dust particles from cracks, vents, and seams. The cheaper option is to blow compressed air through vents. In the end, use a fiber cloth to wipe the dirt debris out the surface of the cooling pads.

You can bring tweezers to bring out human hair wrapped on fans. While cleaning, ensure that no blade of the fan is damaged.

If the blade of the fans is broken or sloping, you can change it. Otherwise, it will produce noise and drain more energy sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Gaming Laptops Need Cooling Pads?

Gaming laptops work at high temperatures because of their GPU, so cooling is necessary. A GPU produces more heat as compared to a CPU. This heat comes from GPU can be harmful to internal electrical components, hard drive, and motherboard.

A cooling pad keeps the temperature low and ensures the robustness and endurance of gaming laptops. Otherwise, you can face a low frame rate and thermal throttling in GPU and CPU.

How Many Fans Are Required in Laptop Cooling Pads?

The number of fans has great importance as the overall result of cooling pads depends upon them. Normally, 2 to 6 fans are installed in a cooling pad. More the number of fans will cool down the Laptop in less time.

A cooling pad with more fans is required for gaming and rendering laptops to get better results. Company or office laptops can cool down with built-in cooling fans or using 2 fan cooling pads.

How Much Does A Laptop Cooling Pad Lower the Temperature?

Normally, cooling pads offer a variable degree of lowering the temperature. It depends on the cooling pads’ design, dimensions, and shape. With the right cooling pad, you can decrease the temperature to ambient temperature. So before buying a cooling pad, make its capacity meets your needs.


To keep the laptop cool is your responsibility, as you have spent a lot on it. Cooling is a blessing for dedicated gamers, video editors, and programmers as it will keep the temperature low and increase productivity.

Using a laptop to watch movies, work with MS words, or enjoy social media, is not required as it will not heat up.

A cooling pad will user comfortability by elevating the Laptop and helps in improving the body posture to avoid neck pain. So, we can surely say laptop cooling pads are worth buying and using.

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